Monday, June 15, 2009

Another prayer for you

This is second post on how to pray. Hope you have enjoyed the first post. This time, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this post more as well as learn the true art of praying.

Get up early every morning before dawn. Splash water (and only water, preferably cold, and nothing else) on your face to refresh. Then go out into the open, anywhere, outside the four walls – on the roof-top, in the street, to the nearby park etc. or if you are living close to nature like near the sea or in a mountainous region etc. – just go out amidst the nature. Make sure that you could see the east horizon. Fix your eyes and mind on the horizon and concentrate. Then, as the sun starts to come up, say this prayer. Pray it aloud or silently but make sure even if you are praying silently, your lips are moving as you speak. Let your ears hear what you are saying. Pray with conviction and listen to your own prayer with rapt attention so that you start believing what your are saying. If you pray thus, your prayer will be answered – that is my belief.

Now read the Prayer and then start praying.

“Ask and it is given” – Esther Hicks.

It is dawn now. The Sun is rising. This is the most sublime and pure moment of the day. As the sun is dispelling the darkness of the night, so is the darkness of my mind being dispelled. At this hour with the serene peace pervading the world, this is the right time to lift my mind up toward you. So goes my prayer, O my God!

The day, which is coming into being with dawn now, let it bring more light of purity to the world and her inhabitants. Let it bring a little more true peace. I pray to you to emerge in a little more brighter way than ever before. Let your sweet gospel be recognized by a few more human beings. Let the wisdom of yours, which is higher then the highest, greater than the greatest, truer than the truest, be revealed to all the human kind. Let your infinite love, which is deeper than the deepest, be spread all over the globe so that all the signs of pains and woes are healed. Now, with first rays of the sun, let it declare the festival of happiness. Rise, O God, as this sun rises now, from the core of my life. Let the sun become your emblem in my faith.

O God! O Lord of the World! Let this day today become the good-day, ‘The Happy Day’ of life when I become the devoted follower of your doctrine. Let me submit and dedicate myself at your service without any duality of the mind. Let me held myself higher up toward you so to be profited by a more brighter life, a more purer love. This is my prayer to you – that I could attune myself more with you in a more deeper and incessant way. I pray to be more one with you. I pray to be a better servant to you. O King of all kings, banish from me all egos, all sense of small prides, all greed, all urges of sense gratification. Let me light up like a heavenly fire with your divine love in me. Let me present myself to the world as the emblem of your lighted torch.

Now, at this purest hour of dawn, I dedicate myself to you with a peaceful mind. I feel happy.

Hail to you; O God!

It is you who conquer all the hurdles of life. My physical body just executes it on behalf of you. Now, I am coming to you, O Supreme Commander of life, with no expectation for rewards for I know now that I have no rights whatsoever to reap the fruits of success on a job which is yours. He, who executes well, is rewarded by you accordingly. So now, I am coming to you, and not to yours…., with the purest of mind at this purest hour of the day. I am coming with this one prayer only that let my mind be not distracted from the path of your supreme maxim, that your wishes are all fulfilled through me, through us all, and through all the objects of material value at every moment. Let me be truthful to you from the highest object to the smallest cell in my body, and from my body to my soul.

Hail to you; O God! Hail to you.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

How Should we pray!

Prayer is an art as well as science. A lot of us pray. Some pray everyday, some only in times of fear and need, some with belief and some to show the world that he or she is very religious.

But in reality, most of us don't know how to pray. We lack conviction in our prayers and when the prayer is not answered, we start doubting about the existence of God.

God can not be seen, heard, felt or argued about or anything that we could think of doing with senses. We go for logic rather than belief because God can only be understood through proper knowledge.

A prayer, done in the perfect way, can take us to the vicinity of that knowledge. So let us pray. Let us learn the art and science of praying. This is how I pray:--

OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE before you start praying.

Oh God! My desire of asking for you from you has acquired the beautiful manifestation of a rose – equally vibrant, equally orderly, equally bloomed and fragranced. Holding that rose by my two hands, I dedicated that to you. I pray to you that if my intelligence is restricted within my finite body, expand it to the infinite universe; if my knowledge is under the cover of darkness, then enlighten it with the light of wisdom; if my heart lacks ecstasy, then kindle it with the fire of passion; if my love looks like a dim force, brighten it up to the extreme magnitude; if my feelings are of unconscious pride, show me the truth for the conscious understanding.

Spending a few moments in front of you in quietude is like enjoying life for hundreds of years.

God, dispel all the darkness that lurks over me so that I could fill myself up with devotion and peace in order to make myself your dedicated servant. Let my mind become a pure, transparent crystal before you so that it reflects you every time. So beautiful it is to be quiet in front of you.

I don’t know how should I express my peace, my calm, my feeling of littleness when I feel that I have attained freedom from the thoughts about myself, from the thoughts of life, health, enjoyment, and even from the thoughts of personal development.

Everything has become beautiful to me – beautiful, rhythmic, and quiet. Irrespective of the sounds and noises around me, I am seeing you amidst this quietness. Oh God! I pray to manifest your impression upon me through just one expression – an exalted and eternal smile.

When I don’t go with my life attuned with yours, then that should be the moment for my last breath – must I start extinguishing from that moment. God, you are my only cause, only goal, and only refuge. I want to become a body of living love. Let all my solitude, my pains get dissolved in the vibrant ocean of All-Love.

The only thing that is needed to overwhelm myself with the eternal ethics is to become conscious aware about you, is to attune with you, and holding on to this conscious attunement – incessantly.

Everything presents itself to me in glorious greatness and with extreme beauty when all my thoughts head straight at you and get embodied in you. And from the day when we would start allowing this “Super-Vision” or clairvoyance to lead us, from that day we would start tracing our life’s path in small but sure steps, overriding on all the obstacles of life without any hesitation. From my experience I know, all doubts and all hesitations give their way in when we become aware about THE DIVINE DICTUM. All our earthly desires of love and affection and care and cure etc. are human instincts. But we are only fulfilled when we are driven by Godly Instincts i.e. when we simply turn our face to God.

Visit the other pages from the top navbar and you'll understand who you are and what you are or what you are capable off. We create our lives through our thoughts. We create our reality from amidst the vast of possibilities. And all our creation starts from the moment we start thinking, all our success starts from the moment we start doing. And all our thinking and doing start with a PRAYER.


Friday, June 5, 2009

How do we become a victim of negative emotions?

In the self-help industry, there have always been suggestions and advices regarding how you could overcome your negative emotions and negative mind-sets. Lots of exercises like Meditation, Hypnosis, Yoga, Reiki, Zen etc. are advised to practice to overcome these negative aspects.

No doubt, people dive into such suggestions and advices with an illusory hope that these exercises would bring remedy to their turmoiled life by some magic. The hope has nothing Divinity in it. Neither it carries any faith. Most of us don’t try to delve any deeper into our thought-patterns and belief-systems to find the root of the cause which turn us negative.

In my experience, one of the root causes of becoming negative is becoming SOLITARY. Everywhere you will see that the more developed we are becoming in our external affairs i.e. earthly activities, the more we are becoming alone in our inner world. And solitude is a by-product of ‘the feeling of guilt.’ The more we are performing, the more the guilty-feeling is getting on us. Arguably, this could be cited as the greatest cause of our turning negative in today’s decaying society. With the decay of moral and social values, people are getting detached from each other. The institution of the family is crushing down. Love-bonds, relationships, friendships etc. have just become some names. We just can not trust anybody today for, most often than not, it is found that the trusted person has done some kind of betrayal. A marriage that normally takes place under Divine Interference, is ending up into physical separation and mental dejection under Human Interference.

Therefore, we are becoming more conscious of our guilty-feelings. And the consequence that is following is our desperate attempts to hide those guilts. As we are more conscious these days about fruitation of our external activities for earthly gains of individual concerns, we are not limiting ourselves to commit conscious crimes and offenses. But equally we are concerned about hiding these crimes as we are always in the fear of being caught. The ‘hide and seek game’ can only result in fear which induces a person to commit more crimes. Remember Macbeth? Once he had committed a crime, how he went on to commit more crimes in order to hide that initial crime for he was always in the fear of being found out. This fear gradually overwhelms us, as it did with Macbeth, and we start living constantly in it with our utmost consciousness until it becomes our habit.

This problem starts to get into us from the childhood days of 6-8 years. Parents start prohibiting their wards for doing things of their own. But in most cases they don’t supply the necessary explanations that is needed to satisfy the quest that is invoked in the child by the prohibition. As a result some children turn timid in behavior, some others become bold and desperate and go on or try to go on with the adventure to find out all by themselves, what the reason is for the prohibition.

We adults, often, want our younger generation to follow us and abide our instructions without asking any questions. When somebody wants to defy, we turn violent and ruthless, most of the times, for we are too much pre-occupied in our mind with the problems of our lives and other earthly matters. Very often we fail to notice or regularly deny to accept that the children have their own world of imagination and prohibiting them to do certain acts without proper explanation could infuse in them a sense of guilt.

This grows as the child grows and grows with it the tendency to play the ‘hide and seek game’, ending up the child – now turned person, with full of negative emotions. Therefore, understanding the child psychology and tending a child with proper mental treatment is an utmost necessity of parents and would-be parents of today.

Fear, doubt, disbelief etc. are very contagious. And most often we contaminate the God-like mind of our little ones with our fear, doubts, worries etc. by transmitting into them these negative emotions.

As the person grows up, these negative emotions develop in him or her as well and take concrete shape when the person attains adulthood. These negative emotions stay in for the rest of the life and convert our belief-system to full of guilty-feeling. And the more we execute our jobs, both indoor and outdoor, the more we tend to play the hide and seek game. Not just we hide ourselves by alienating us from various social activities, we start doubting every other person about everything and when the fear shows up for being caught, we start condemning others and complaining about others. The more louder the voice of condemning and complaining is heard, the more is the case that the complainer is the real guilt.

It becomes quite evident to a knowledgeable person that it is the complainer who is either trying to hide his or her guilt, or just escaping from shouldering the responsibilities or both.

An alert person, who is living in the present moment with his/her mind, knows the value of taking responsibilities. He/She doesn’t condemn or complain for he/she is free from the woes of the past and the fears of the future. He/She never plays the hide and seek game for he/she doesn’t suffer from guilty-feeling. And, as a consequence, he/she never finds himself/herself alone.

So be in the present moment. Start sharing responsibilities and stop condemning and complaining. Once the past-pains and future-worries are out of your thought-pattern and belief-system, you would definitely free your mind from the feeling of guilt. Then there would no reason left to play the hide and seek game and consequently you won’t become lonely, alien to you near ones, your family and friends, and of course, your society.

To overcome the negatives, you need to OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE.


Monday, April 27, 2009

The need for the Self to be Enlightened

God is Great! We all know that. And we all believe that. Do we?

What is so great about God? Why is God great and not us or nothing about us like our wealth, physical or social power? Ask a theist. He’ll point to all the temples and churches, mosques and synagogues and all the religious writings of different ages and say that his ‘ism’ proves that HE is there. Ask an atheist. He’ll argue about all those teachings and claim that HE is not there because his ‘ism’ teaches so.

Bound by our ego of ‘ism’, we are always asking such questions, limiting our beliefs, limiting our creative potential, thus limiting our chances of attaining enlightenment.

The logician, for example, won’t take for granted that ‘God is Great’. He would put arguments, put questions and cross-questions in order to disqualify the fact. He would argue that all our contentment comes from external sources lying within the material: money, administrative power, social absorption of personal life, among others. They’ll put up arguments that have neither head nor tail and puzzle us with such authority that we feel amazed at the sight of their overwhelmed pleasure, as if, by winning an argument they have won half the globe.

We know they are not enlightened. They don’t have the wisdom. But it is always easy to find flaws and faults with others, for we don’t look inside our own selves for the truth. Do we?

If you answer ‘yes’, then you’ll never be dragged into such an argument as stated above and the question of being defeated won’t arise. The fact is that we ourselves are also not enlightened. We are always looking for answers to questions that arise due to our lack of faith in our Self. That’s why we get puzzled as there are so many opinions. And the so-called logistics mesmerize us with their conviction of “No-Knowledge.” On the other hand, we lack that conviction as well, because we also belong to the same “No-Knowledge” class.

Yet when we can’t find an answer to some ‘peculiar’ happenings or can’t find ways to drag ourselves out of trouble or are engrossed with fear during a period of emergency. We blindly run after that illusory giant called God, to save us. If the situation turns in our favor; we grin, with no conviction again, and say, “God is Great”. Yes, we just say it for the sake of saying. We are devoid of the power of gratitude and very quickly fall back to our old belief pattern and try to seek God in the images of every object of material being. On the contrary, if the result is reverse, we are convinced that there is no God and take for granted what the atheists argue as true.

And when we encounter an atheist, we fall into arguments of non-sense and usually end up feeling wretched while our counterpart enjoys a triumph of the world.

It is because of our non-enlightened state of the mind that we are exploited by stupid analogies they provide in favor of materialism and against mentalism. The real essence of ‘class struggle’ is this struggle of the ego of ‘ism’ that has divided us into theist, pantheist, atheist or transcendentalist. And we just go on collaborating well with all these ego-mindedness and remain forever non-enlightened.

Enlightenment is lighting up your “ism”- centered ego mind, which is living in the dark world of ‘No-Knowledge’. Once enlightened, you will overcome that ego mind and you will know why God is great. You will identify the 3 you’s of You – the Body, the Mind and the Soul. You’ll learn not to question. Questioning creates doubt and if you take a little in-depth study into the major religious guide books (The Vedas, The Bible, The Koran, the Tanakh), you’ll find that everywhere stress has been put on this particular aspect of not questioning.

For, when you stop questioning, you stop the chatter of the mind and start perceiving the truth. You first gain the knowledge and then say that God is Great. Then, when you gain wisdom, you will say that being human is great, and so is every creation. And finally, when you are enlightened, you will say NOTHING. You will be silent. This is the essence of being Enlightened, for talking causes all woes of life.

So let us take the journey to be enlightened. The best way, obviously, is to find a guru, a teacher. A teacher is a person who preaches what a student should learn and how and not what a teacher should teach and how. Such a person is free from the ‘ism’- centered, ego mind. But they are not easy to find. They won’t reveal themselves to you naturally like the self-proclaimed, logical guru who claims that there is no God and carries heaps of rubbish analogies in his support. Who says there is a God? Krishna or Christ asked men to follow them with utmost good faith. The Buddha was silent on the question of God. All they wanted to tell us, and you’ll know when you yourself become enlightened, is that ‘GOD is the Good Will of your Mind that permits and inspires you to do Good to your Self, to your family, your community and society at large - the world of us.’

The second best option is to start reading books. Read more books. You'll find a few in my blog on free ebooks. But there are a lot more to read for not everything is available as ebook and for free. Go to libraries, purchase sometimes from book stores, book fairs etc. Read them. Read them time and again until you get the essence of what the great masters over eons of time have tried to teach.

That's how you'll be enlightened and will be free from the "MAYA", the illusion that surrounds you in this real world and keeps you away from the world of God.

To control this MAYA OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE and start seeing the world differently.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Seven mental steps to self-development!

Our mind is the greatest asset that we carry in our physical body. It is both an engine and an engineer that drives us. It can make you, on the one hand, the ‘richest person’ in the world, but on the other hand, it can hinder your every progress and hold you back in such a way that you just don’t get anything out of life and remain poor.

By ‘rich’, I mean, rich in all aspects of life, not just wealth – rich in both physical and mental manifestations. And in contrast, poor in these same respects.

One can, however, eradicate the mental blockades by proper education, training and practice. Here are seven simple mental steps that can free you from any sort of mental blockade.

1) Learn - Whatever you intend to be, have, or do, you need to have an education. And often than not, our basic education remains full of potholes, which makes our life-track irregular and bumpy. Just have a look at the so-called ‘Certified Educated mob’ that is emerging everyday now-a-days. What is their state? How good are they with their ‘bookish knowledge’? The successful among them do have something extra. Get that extra.

2) Be focused - The environment is such that it is very easy to get distracted. Distraction is caused both by greed and frustration. There are so many provocations and temptations around with so much promise, that greed, rather than desire, easily creeps in. Stay away from such provocations. Control your temptation. Say to yourself, “I must have some quality before acquiring a ‘certain desired thing’. Now, do I have that quality?” Build the quality first and then go for the goals. And have belief in this statement. Watch a soccer match. Suppose you wish to be soccer player and want to play for Manchester United. Now, can you just go out one day, get into the field in Man.U. shirts and play quality soccer? Can you give a pass to Ronaldo or Roonie to score? Can you score from a Ronaldo cross? The goal is the netted 3 piece goalpost, which is the target for all soccer players. Do you know how many years of life and how much time each day these players WASTE in order to become top target hitters? So stay focused on your goals and avoid temptation.

3) Don’t Quit – The other reason for distraction is frustration. It is when we quit without getting anything back on our initial investments. Now-a-days, we want & love to reap the result with little or no effort. Generally, the results don’t come as we hope. We easily get frustrated. And the obvious result is – we quit. Quitting a job makes you idle. And who doesn’t know that ‘the idle brain is the devil’s workshop’. So don’t quit. If you are not getting the results you have hoped for, then there must be something wrong, in particular with you. Find out what it is and correct it.

4) Do the Job – What job are you in? An insignificant one, do you say? A job is a necessity, just as both rice and bread are staple foods, or a cotton shirt or a jeans and jacket are general clothes. Do your job cordially and with conviction. Do not complain. If you complain, you are not liable to reap the rewards that you expect. If you don’t like your job, then why do it in the first place? And if you have nowhere to go, then what is the point about complaining? Love your job just as you love your food or love your holiday destination. That will bring out more productivity from you. And, after all, what do you need most for high rewards – high productivity, isn’t it?

5) Don’t expect reward – Rewards are not asked for, they are given. If you expect a reward for everything, it is a temptation that will distract you from your focus - your goals. Do not expect reward at each and everything that you do. Reward will come on its own. If the job is executed well, the reward will be well-bestowed. Shift your mind from expecting rewards to executing the job at hand in the most appropriate and proficient manner. Rewards will come. To every cause, there is an effect. If the cause perfects its role well, the effect will do the same.

6) Cherish your job – Do your job lovingly and cherish it. Enjoy doing what you are doing. Imagine that you have the best job in the world. Believe that you are the best in your field. Then stand up and deliver. Who knows, you might come up with the most bizarre, awe-inspiring thing! Most often than not, that had been the case with most of the vibrant, famous and successful achievers. Go through history and you’ll get a heap of names with such stories.

7) Don’t count money – The most amazing and extra-ordinary truth about money is that it always counts less every time it is counted. Counting reduces your store of money. Why do we count? In order to satisfy ourselves that it has at least remained the same, if not magically increased. ‘Even Della counted it three times and each time it was $1.87’ (The Gift of the Magi). So money is not to be counted, money is to be weighed. Weigh it until it feels heavier than what you have hoped for. Ok, I will give you a task. Do this sincerely. Start charting your normal daily expenses from day 1 of a given month. You’ll be amazed to see how your average monthly expenditure will rise. And you won’t have a clue how it happens. Do this exercise as a trial. Then stop counting.

Best of Luck!

Now OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE and enjoy a better life.